Superior Fund Administration for Alternative Investment Funds

For over a decade, Piedmont Fund Services has been the leading provider of fund administration services to managers of institutional and alternative investment funds such as hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate, foundations, endowments, and outsourced CIOs.

Our success is derived from our broad expertise as Big 4 accountants and hedge fund professionals. Our professional team of fund administrators has an unwavering commitment to designing innovative solutions that help our clients solve their business needs.

Piedmont helps alternative investment fund managers report accurate, coherent and vetted information required by institutional investors and regulators. Our team focuses on growth-oriented mid-tier funds looking to attract institutional capital. We provide our clients with unparalleled access to their engagement teams so they can respond to investor requests quickly and thoroughly. Our fund administrators and technology platforms provide efficiencies, transparency and superior accuracy that are unmatched in the industry.

We’re headquartered in Washington, DC, where we stay closely connected to the regulatory developments that affect our clients and their relationships with investors. Since our founding in DC we’ve grown into an award-winning international operation with footprints in the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. And just like our clients, we’re focused on continued sustainable growth.

“Piedmont has been a great partner to Adobe Capital helping us provide best-in-class fund administration services as expected by leading international LPs, which would be hard to accomplish on our own given the limited size of our fund.”

– Adobe Capital

Piedmont’s Client since 2012


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Piedmont Fund Services delivers the support that alternative investment funds need to attract institutional investors via an innovative, connected relationship with our team of fund administrators, JDs, and CPAs.


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