Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & Disclosure:

At Piedmont Fund Services (“Piedmont”), we strongly believe in protecting and safeguarding the client’s data. Because we are dedicated to serving your needs with a seamless process but at the same time respecting your privacy, we have adopted the policies and practices described in this Privacy Policy. And it has become even more important as all fund administrators are now required by law to inform their clients of their privacy policy in regards to how the client information is used. The following describes the type of personal information we may collect when you contact us for inquiry or sign up for services with Piedmont and our policy for sharing the information.


Data Collection of Nonpublic Personal Information

Piedmont collects nonpublic personal information about you and/or your company with information that has been supplied by you or acquired by us through your consent in order to prepare monthly accounting closes and other books and records that we are engaged to provide. We may collect this information through the professional consultations by phone, written email correspondences, and information submitted to us on-line as well as information from your business contacts who you give us permission to contact. The Nonpublic personal information that we may collect includes your name, company name, business address and phone numbers, company information, credit card, if necessary, and bank account information of your business in order to conduct our business.


Disclosure of Information Sharing

For all clients of Piedmont, we do not share or sell any nonpublic personal information unless we have your consent or as required or permitted by law. Required disclosures include complying with court ordered subpoenas, and orders from governmental agencies and regulatory authorities. Permitted disclosures include using the information supplied by you by our company employees assigned to the account in order to prepare the accounting closes. In some instances, we may share information with your third party professional representatives who you give us full access to so that we can discuss your account activity in order to help us provide the services to you. We do take proper security measures to protect your privacy against unauthorized access to or unauthorized changes or disclosure of your data on our network. Data integrity is our utmost importance and we will maintain the client confidentiality in sharing nonpublic personal information.