Hedge Fund

Hedge Fund Administrators that Provide a Competitive Advantage

According to the latest numbers, there are nearly 9,000 hedge funds registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The competition for investors and capital among those funds is intense. In an economy as competitive as this, it’s easy to understand the benefit of hiring a hedge fund administrator to perform the back office services necessary to a fund’s existence. The challenge is distinguishing what makes one hedge fund service provider superior to another.

At Piedmont, we offer several advantages

We know alternative investments:
Piedmont focuses on mid-tier hedge fund, private equity, and fund of funds investments across asset classes.

We know fund administration:
Piedmont’s team of CPAs delivers a superior level of accuracy when performing fund administration services.

We know technology:
Piedmont applies cutting-edge technology to make back-office operations more efficient.

Piedmont hedge fund administrators provide the services you need so you can focus on the research and portfolio management necessary to deliver results for your investors.


Unparalleled Access

Piedmont hedge fund administrators provide clients with unparalleled access to their engagement teams whose insights and experience have been honed at some of the industry’s leading fund institutions and Big 4 accounting firms.

With increasing demands for transparency, your fund needs every advantage for accurate reporting and reduced transaction friction. A Piedmont hedge fund administrator can deliver the service that will put your fund ahead of its competitors.