Conversion Management

Stop Putting Up with Mediocre Services and Switch to a Trusted Name in Fund Administration

Outsourcing important functions such as the fund administration process also means placing the reputation of your business with your service provider. Any mistakes or delay caused by your service provider can have a serious impact on your relationships with your investors.

When a service provider makes mistakes that jeopardize your reputational risk, it may be time to look for better options to help your business grow and switch to the best alternative solution. As a trusted and reliable name in fund administration, Piedmont fully understands the reputational risks faced by your business, and our team is fully equipped to handle the accompanying growth and changes with precision and accuracy.

Piedmont makes it easy to switch because we have in place robust operations that will make your transition painless. Our experienced client relations team is adept at identifying and executing the necessary steps to effectively manage the transition

What we can offer:

Trusted & Reliable Fund Administration

  • Pre and Post Implementation Consulting
  • Shadow books and records during the transition
  • Importation of historical transactions or historical fund performance
  • Review and confirmation of opening tax lot cost basis with custodians/prime brokers
  • Review of investors’ subscription documents, side letter agreements, loss carry forward account, hurdle rate account, and liquidity terms and provisions
  • A dedicated project manager with weekly update to ensure the success of implementation process

We provide institutional and alternative investment funds with administrative and accounting services. Our innovative processes and technology solutions deliver efficiencies, transparency and superior accuracy to demonstrate fund performance and free fund managers to focus on their portfolios.