Cloud-Based Fund Reporting Technology Solutions That Reduce Transaction Friction For Smoother Operations

At Piedmont we are dedicated to providing innovative cloud-based fund reporting technology solutions to meet our clients’ needs and reduce transaction friction. This in turn allows for more efficient operations and better accuracy in reporting. Whether you’re a client looking for information using our Online Access tool or a fund manager using our Portfolio Accounting System, validation tools, or cloud-based IT setup for back-office support, everyone who interacts with us benefits from our commitment to providing the information needed in a secure, easy-to-use online platform.

Opéra Reporting System: When it comes to investment information in today’s market, regulators have tried to make sure that all investors have access to the same materials. Our proprietary online reporting portal, Opéra, gathers those materials in one place and gives our clients an intuitive, icon-driven information management tool that helps users extract the relevant nuggets that they need from the flood of information that might otherwise overwhelm them. Opéra offers a dynamic dashboard to give users unparalleled access to portfolio investments and fund statistics, thus satisfying their needs for greater transparency. Opéra also supports a range of real-time investors’ transaction requests such as subscription and redemption transactions or adding authorized users directly online.

Portfolio Accounting System: We partner with a leading software provider to leverage cutting-edge solutions in portfolio accounting and investor accounting. Our accounting application is a fully integrated system that consolidate critical data across portfolio, investor, and general ledger all under single platform.  This end to end integration enable our fund accounting team to deliver best in class services in a very efficient manner. For clients who opt for an enhanced reporting solution, we are able to setup a private cloud server and provide a secure direct access to our accounting database where clients can run virtually hundred of reports on demand. These reports are available to export to MS Excel or PDF format.

In addition to the quality of our online services, Piedmont has gone to great lengths to protect the information that we make available over the Internet. We have instituted a robust cyber security program to protect against a variety of cyber attacks and we maintain cyber security insurance to reduce exposure in the event an attack is successful. We work with top-tier vendors and products such as Microsoft Azure to provide best-in-class technology and user experience to our clients and the most up-to-date protection for the information that we host on our cloud servers.


The needs of our clients, as well as the fund reporting technology that helps meet those needs, are continually changing. We’re proud to offer one of the best online dashboards in the industry, and we’re committed to ongoing innovation to maintain our position as a technological leader in fund administration and provide our clients with superior services.