Cayman Islands Private Fund Laws 2020: Are You Ready?

Cayman Islands Private Funds Law 2020: Are You Ready?

The new Cayman Islands Private Funds Law 2020 went into effect on February 7, 2020, which regulates and requires all closed-ended funds domiciled in the Caymans to be registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). Private funds that are domiciled in Cayman Islands will now have to comply with laws and regulations set forth by CIMA. The registration deadline for existing funds is Friday, August 7, 2020.  What are the regulatory requirements under this new law? What are the key controls and processes that you should implement under this new law? What are the penalties for late registration or non-compliance? What if you aren’t quite ready and need help dealing with last-minute registration? We will answer these questions and more during our discussion. This episode will broadcast with live Q&A on Tuesday August 4 at 12pm Eastern time, and we will also re-run this episode on Wednesday August 5 at 12pm Hong Kong Time for viewers in the Asia Pacific region.

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